Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Winning Ugly is Better than Losing Pretty

Despite the blip of MK Dons, we'd had quite a good run of results leading into this Saturday and as I was sipping at my tea that morning I must admit to feeling a little confident. We had managed an away win against Yeovil and although our home form hadn't been great this season I really felt we had enough about us to see off the Glovers and put a bit of a streak together.

But there was bad news, my fellow reporter in the trenches Mr 'FromTheCoach, had come down with a bad case of explosive gut rot and without wanting to be graphic was *ahem* "indisposed".

Saturday 12th February 2011 - Yeovil Town - Home


I'd been up late writing the night before, so did not really have the energy to get out of the door early to embalm myself in the Bell. Besides I had imbibed a brewery’s worth of alcohol a couple of days before at a gig and I was probably still a little hung-over. After breakfast, Soccer Am and sitting around for a while, we got a lift down to the ground. After a quick drink in the clubhouse I picked up a programme and went through the turnstile. Looking west towards the away end Yeovil had about half filled it which wasn't a bad turnout. I reached my normal spot near the food-hole in the Sieve and said hello to my fellow Daggers. After relaying the sad news about Jerk's wobbly guts, we looked pichward as the teams came out of the tunnel.

Meanwhile in Becontree...


Back in Vicky road things were looking a bit shaky and Dagenham were under the kosh. all daggers in attendance collectively shat a brick when Darren Currie made a terrible aimless back pass from just shy of the halfway line, which rolled right into the path of Sam Williams was now one on one with Robbo, luckily he fluffed the shot wide! With it looking like We’d used all of our luck in that one bit of bad play, it was up to Tony Roberts to keep us in the game. While all around him was chaos Robbo was a tower of Zen like calm gracefully flying to palm away each attempt at goal...  
                                                                                                                           ...NA! That’s bollocks, he was actually flinging himself like a man possessed using any body part he could get in the way to stop the ball going in, then standing up and yelling at anyone in sight to stop letting Yeovil shoot. It was beautiful, in a shit yer pants kinda way! Oli Johnson Had come close when he danced past Abu and Doe into the box and looked certain to score but somehow Robbo got a leg in the way and kept it out. Luck played a part again when Andrew Williams nodded the ball down to Andrew Tutte who slammed the ball against the bar. Our first real chance came from (with Danny Green still on a ban of course) a Darren Currie Free kick which Scott Doe nearly managed to head in, but just knocked it wide. He let out an audible "ARGGGGGGHHHHH" whilst he jogged back to his half, don’t worry Doey, you'll get that goal soon enough!

Nervous in the Sieve

Back down at the dangerous end of the pitch Tony Roberts made 2 brilliant saves in a row. First; a Yeovil shot whizzed across the box towards the bottom corner but Robbo dived to his right to keep it out, Currie chased it to the corner but could only clear it as far as Tutte who sent in a curved shot from the edge of the box, Robbo flew to his left and palmed it out to safety.

With the time coming up to half hour Dagenham were awarded a corner, Currie Stepped up and hoofed it into the box and waiting on the other end was the one, the only Romain Vincelot who ran forward, jumped up and with a "stitch this!" buried the ball into the net with his head. 1-0 to the Daggers, very much against the run of play! The lead didn’t last though and 3 minutes later I got to see the crowd in the Marcus James Stand cheer and applaud a goal. Johnson received the ball on the edge of the box from a low long through ball, took a touch then caressed it into the net. 1-1, bugger! And that's how the score stayed till half time.

Meanwhile in Becontree, Jerk' tries to ring me to find out how we squandered a lead so fast...


The second half was marginally better, Yeovil seemed to slow down while we seemed to be trying to pick up the pace, even so the Glovers nearly scored when Oli Johnson headed a corner kick over the bar! The real change seemed to happen when Marvin Morgan was subbed off for Bas Savage. Within 2 minutes of the lanky fella being on the pitch he was holding the ball up in front of the Carling stand, he looked up and passed the ball into the box to the feet of John Nurse. Nursey controlled the ball in the corner of the six yard box, turned on a gnat’s bollock and fired from that tight angle. The ball zipped past Stephen Henderson and nestled into the back far corner of the net! The Daggers fans exploded into cheers! Somehow in this absolute bastard of a game we were leading for the second time! Nurse must have felt the same as he ran to the Sieve to celebrate with the crowd and received a yellow card for his troubles (pathetic!) but still 2-1 to the Daggers!

Meanwhile in Becontree, Having heard we had scored again, Jerk' decided he had to somehow get to the game to see the end...

I can’t really remember anything about the next half-hour, apart from the fact it crawled slower than a legless tortoise! I spent the whole time bobbing from foot to foot and from heel to toe, then anxiously glancing at the scoreboard willing the clock to move faster. When the Whistle finally blew the Sieve let out a collective sigh, then a cheer, then clapped a thankful clap. We had all just made it through a tough storm and come out on top.

a happier Sieve

We had done the thing we had been struggling to do, win the ugly ones! After Clapping the team I decided a pint was in order, so me and a couple of others made for the clubhouse. I couldn’t stay long though as I was due round at my sisters for a visit. So after a nail biting couple of hours at Victoria Road I had a nice chilled out night with my sister and my nephew, relived to know 3 more points were safe!

Oh yeah, Meanwhile in Becontree...


Come on you Daggers!



Next - Jerk regales us with his tails of Walsall

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