Saturday, 26 March 2011

It was nice not to lose by 5 goals this time!

I suppose that this offering may be quite brief as for the life of me I cant remember that much about the day, let alone the game – and mores the point, I wasn’t drinking.  Not that I can recall at least…i hope not anyway, because i drove!

I love Tuesday night games, there is something particularly special about them.  Saturdays are all well and good, but it’s the rush home from work, the anticipation of going to the match during the working day and giving me something to look forward to and so on which really make it feel special.  We all hate work, don't we?


This fixture was no different.  Though we are locked in a relegation battle, Huddersfield are at the extreme opposite and fighting for promotion…as usual.  And fair play to them, Huddersfield (as we found out last season in the FA Cup) are a very useful team.  Decent performances this season have seen them at the right end of the table with the end of season approaching, as well as a cup run ending at The Emirates against a load of French-African guys in red with a man who looks like a duck as their manager…..Arseholenal I think they are called, anyway that’s not important.  What is important, was their game in ‘Theatre of Screams’ – The Londinium Boro Ein Barking Und Dagnam Ztadium.

I expected us to walk into this game very nervously.  I have to admit i wasn't confident that we would walk away from this one with anything further than our dignity.  But, I was wrong. Huddersfield are a strong team, with a credible turnout for such a long distance on a school night.  This may have something to do with the tickets having already been purchased when the game was meant to have been played on a Saturday (it was called off some months ago when white powder was falling from the sky), but I have a feeling the attendance would have been decent anyway.


To say that we were outplayed would have been a dishonour to us. We’re showing fight at just the right time of the season, and we showed that here.  A blatant penalty was denied to us early on when Lee Peltier handled in the box.  Another poor decision - one has to start to wonder about the eyesight of referees thesedays.  I know it’s a long running issue, but these are the guys in the top few divisions of our country – there needs to be something done to address this and it needs to happen soon.  I am definitely of the opinion, shared by others, that referees should be made up of ex-professionals.  This season has been disastrous referee-wise.  BUT….our time will come…

On 28 minutes Tom Clarke finished Joey Gudjonsson’s mishit shot, and we found ourselves a goal down.  Up until that point, though we had looked okay, the running was definitely being done by Huddersfield.  On 30 minutes Femi was hauled off and replaced by Damien McCrory.  Ive missed Damien since he was dropped prior to the Plymouth game.  I think the issue this game with Femi was one of dropping confidence perhaps a little.  Definitely a player that needs to be polished, but the potential is there.

Half time came and went and we were treated to the usual dynamic entertainment on the pitch.  At one stage I counted as many as thirteen people on the pitch kicking balls around in the interval. This makes a change from the usual fourteen players we see doing the same thing week in week out.

PhotobucketIt was during the interval that it struck me that we perhaps aren’t making ideal use of the space in the Sieve now.  With the jump in divisions and the extra fans that this has resulted in, I think the tea bar at the back of the stand has had its day now.  The queues stretch far beyond the exit at the back and often block it entirely. 
With not much room to play about with, as soon as one of the heavyweight fans (I myself being one of them) begins to trundle their way toward the toilet area it becomes clear there isn’t enough room for someone to walk the other way.  I wonder perhaps what could be done with the space outside the back of the sieve…you know where I mean, the area where we should be allowed to smoke cigarettes and purchase alcohol from.  I would hate to see this become a health and safety issue, and for us all to be told we need to attend games in high-vis jackets and hard hats in future.  Seriously though, it just seems there is some room out the back which could be used – especially now since the building of the new stand means we are unable to walk round the ground (should there be no segregation in future is our meteoric rise up the league goes catastrophic and we find ourselves aced with the army-like away support of Leigh one day again) the area at the away end of the Sieve could be used better – perhaps a home supporters bar….just throwing my ideas out there!

Onto the second half.  We came out looking bright, and looking like we wanted to make something of the game.  On 58 minutes, our earlier calls for handball were rewarded (should have been two penalties though!) when Mr Scott spotted a handball by Lee Peltier.  Up stepped Danny Green to even things up for us.  This is how the score remained despite a late rally from Huddersfield, we can again be grateful to
the superb Tony Roberts between the sticks.


Looking to the future, and the fixture at The Galpharm in a few weeks, i am convinced we can go up there now and get a better result than the hammering last season which we received.  Huddersfield are a decent side, but we are holding our own up here more and more as the season progresses - vitally at the right time.  Other sides such as Oldham and Sheffield Wednesday have gone into freefall just as we are clawing our way out.  Whatever happens between now and May, its sure to be an exciting time to be a Dagger.



Interview - Shane Blackett

PhotobucketName - Shane Blackett

DoB - 23 June 1981

Teams - Dagenham & Redbridge, Peterborough FC, Luton Town.

How are you, and how are things going for you at the moment?

"yeah things are going well at the moment just on way back from a
groin injury, the team's in a good position aiming for promotion and
got a wife expecting in April."

What is the thing you miss the most about being a Dagenham & Redbridge player?

"The club in general as it was a very close family club but mainly
the Banter with the lads was unreal - we used to call ourselves the

What do you consider the best three games of your career?

"Daggers - Playing away at York when we turned up late on the train,
nicked a 1-0 win then had to run to the train station to get home. Was
like a proper robbery!
"Peterborough - Pre season friendly against Man Utd, playing against
some of the biggest stars in the game was unreal"
"Luton - Away at Stevenage won 1-0! The rivalry between the two clubs
was unreal but to go to their gaff and win felt great!"

Who do you consider the best player you have played with?

"Andy Drury - An all round talent well worthy of championship status"

And against?

"Carlos Tevez - Quick, strong and never stopped running!"

Worst match you've played in?

"Travelling all the way up to Gateshead (playing for luton) and having
to come off after just 10minutes with an injury!"

What is your least favourite away day?

"Accrington Stanley FC"


"So far to travel and has a really poor pitch with the worst dressing
room with only one cold shower!"

Do you have any before/after game rituals?

"Not really, just like to prepare myself as much as possible for 3pm
on a sat afternoon"


Why did you sign for the Daggers?  Was there anything in particular
that sealed the deal for you?

"I was approached whilst playing for Arlesey town and always wanted to
play at the highest level I could at the time, and talking to John
still about the club's aims and prospects made me sign"

What was your reason for moving on?

"an offer came in from peterborough which suited all parties involved
and it was a chance for me to challenge myself at a higher level"

Are you happy with how you career has fared since leaving?

"Very happy, been involved in winning promotion in two successive
seasons from league 2 and league 1"

What do you enjoy the most about being a footballer?

"Doing what I love most for a living and being able to have the banter
with the lads all day!"

What do you consider your biggest achievements in the game?

"Gaining 3 promotion medals, many players go through their career without any"

When you hang up your boots will you take another role in football?

"May do some coaching with local kids initially but will have wait and see"

Best room mate on away days?

"Keiran Charnock - we got on so well and had a lot of things in common"

Funniest team mate?

"Anwar Uddin - would crack me up with some stuff he would come out
with and make training a pleasure!"

Funniest moment in football?

"After a great victory at the daggers when Sam Saunders decided to do
some crazy dancing and then jumped head first into the bin in the
changing room - I filmed it and think it's on you tube somewhere"

Best XI from all the players you have played with, and a brief
reason why you chose each player

This is so difficult as played with so many good players. The whole
daggers team wouldn't be far off but here goes:


Gk: Mark Tyler (Luton) - They don't call him safe hands for nothing,
best consistent goalkeeper by a mile with soft hands, unlucky not to
be playing at highest level.

Cb: George Pilkington (Luton) - the most steady and consistent centre
half I've partnered with two great feet, should be playing a lot
higher level.

RCb: Anwar Uddin (Barnet) - My formidable centre back partner at the
daggers. We had a great understanding and kept many a clean sheet.
Great leader for the team, very strong and commanding.

LCb: Shane Blackett (Luton) - What can I say, I'd love to play in this team!

Rm: Sam Saunders (Wycombe) - His right foot is just magical when out
wide, his crossing is outstanding an any striker would love his
service, also likes to mix it up a bit not as clean cut as he looks!

Cm: Keith Keane (Luton) - Fellow Luton lad who has bags of experience
at such a young age at almost every level. Called a "dogger" as gets
around the midfield and breaks up play well, very hard worker will
give everything for the team.

Cm: Dean Keates (Wrexham) - Small but big package, gets up and down
the pitch all day long with decent left foot and contributes with
goals. Great leader to have in the team.

Lm: George Boyd (Peterborough) - So talented it's unreal, got a wand
of a left foot and ties up full backs in knots.

Hole: Andy Drury (Ipswich) - Special player, got everything with two
great feet and can pick a pass anywhere.

St: Craig Mackail-Smith (Peterborough) - Workrate second to none with
blistering pace, also creating goals for strike partner.

St: Aaron McLean (Hull) - Pure goal machine, rootless in front of goal
and surprisingly good in the air.

Fave Film?

"Too difficult but Anything with Robert De Niro, Will Smith or Denzel
Washington in it"

Fave Band?

"Boyz to men"

Fave holiday destination?

"Las Vegas with the lads and Hawaii with the better half!"

Shuffle your ipod, what are the first 5 tracks? (no cheating!)

"house of pain - jump around"
"ub40 - Kingston town"
"Rhianna - What's my name"
"Jay Z - Change clothes"
"Michael Jackson - Billie Jean"

Team you support?

"Arsenal - hoping for some silverware this year!"

What's next for you in football or life?

"Next thing in life is to become a dad in April which I'm very excited about!"


Thanks to Shane for taking his time to do this interview, we wish him the best in all endeavours. More reports soon! - FMD

Monday, 21 March 2011

A Bland Affair

Tuesday 15th February 2011 - Walsall - Away

As a club, I really have little against Walsall.  Their fans have always seemed down to earth and realistic about their clubs position. I don’t have much positive to say about The Banks’ Stadium however. In a modern age where there is no need for supporting columns restricting view in newly built stands/stadiums, why was the cheaper option taken?  What could be a decent little stadium is hampered by a poor view at times.  Altogether, quite frustrating.  Nevertheless a very decent and welcoming clubhouse exists at the stadium, numerous local beers on sale (such as the Hannibal Nectar) with hot and cold snacks available too.

The trip began with a morning taking photographs of various squirrels bottoms (I kid you not) and looking into a lake that had been drained. No away game is ever normal – why should this be any different? After our group of three had met up, we set off nice and early in the hope we’d arrive in Walsall to experience some of the ultra interesting things it has to offer, such as Morrisons and Comet – neither of which we bothered with in the end…I cant help but feel we missed out somehow.

The drive up was thankfully largely traffic free, which makes a nice change from the usual M6 nightmare.  This meant that after attacking Guitar Hero at Toddington, and Paul touting for business on toilet doors, we arrived so early that the car park behind the away stand hadn’t even been opened.  Being the experienced driver, Don decided to drive into it anyway – a wise move in the end owing to how busy it became afterward.

PhotobucketWalsall.  The coldest zone in the least popular of the Teletubbie themed football hotbeds, Poland.  Also known as Birmingham.  Walsall has never been an area ive associated with the word ‘interesting’. After a brief look online for interesting facts about Walsall, I found nothing.  Literally…other than the fact they have a giant sign next to the M6 – the worlds busiest road. Wow. It seems to have a slightly melancholic edge to it, not just around the stadium but in general. The sky was grey, and a strange wet residue was falling from it onto our heads.  This was solid evidence we had gone some distance North. I was well out of my comfort zone at this thought.  Its bad enough knowing that the North of England exists, let alone having to actually go there.  At some stage peoples voices change n dey awl tawlk loyk deeees. It can be frightening at first, but you soon get used to it. Something was said to me about a ticket for the car park whilst I was having a cigarette outside the clubhouse, but im not sure what it was as I couldn’t understand the fellow and wasn’t listening anyway.

Just prior to kick off, news had reached us that our Spartan-like away following was deemed so insubstantial we were to be relocated to the corner of the Walsall Bite Size Stand rather than housed in the Dains Stand usually offered to visitors.  The latter is located opposite what is easily the most impressive stand of the four, complete with (I’m told) a decent bar in the middle level – which may explain why we didn’t see that many home supporters in the clubhouse we were in.


I have to admit, I didn’t sample any of the food on offer at the ground.  The usual seemed to be on offer though, pies, burgers, chocolate bars – and the standard vegetarian option was available from the taps.  Its always nice to see clubs doing their best for

The game was a bland affair.  A disappointing Daggers performance and another late goal saw that we left Walsall with no points.  The rain had made playing conditions a bit treacherous, and it looked at time as though there was a chance that if the rain didn’t ease the game
could have been in danger.  Walsall deserved their win, it has to be said.  It appeared we came out too negatively, as if we were looking for the draw, and the good run we had had prior to kick off was put right to the back of our minds in the 81st minute when Grigg scored
the winning goal.  Walsall had threatened all match, despite my obvious bias there is no way I could hand on heart sit here writing this report and say that the game should have ended any other way.  As far as the result seemed to effect the standings at the bottom of the table Walsall continued to make decent progress in their attempts at avoiding the drop and things still appeared glum for The Daggers.

not actually written by our Paul BTW

Still, onward and upward!


Next - A spirited encounter with Huddersfield

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Winning Ugly is Better than Losing Pretty

Despite the blip of MK Dons, we'd had quite a good run of results leading into this Saturday and as I was sipping at my tea that morning I must admit to feeling a little confident. We had managed an away win against Yeovil and although our home form hadn't been great this season I really felt we had enough about us to see off the Glovers and put a bit of a streak together.

But there was bad news, my fellow reporter in the trenches Mr 'FromTheCoach, had come down with a bad case of explosive gut rot and without wanting to be graphic was *ahem* "indisposed".

Saturday 12th February 2011 - Yeovil Town - Home


I'd been up late writing the night before, so did not really have the energy to get out of the door early to embalm myself in the Bell. Besides I had imbibed a brewery’s worth of alcohol a couple of days before at a gig and I was probably still a little hung-over. After breakfast, Soccer Am and sitting around for a while, we got a lift down to the ground. After a quick drink in the clubhouse I picked up a programme and went through the turnstile. Looking west towards the away end Yeovil had about half filled it which wasn't a bad turnout. I reached my normal spot near the food-hole in the Sieve and said hello to my fellow Daggers. After relaying the sad news about Jerk's wobbly guts, we looked pichward as the teams came out of the tunnel.

Meanwhile in Becontree...


Back in Vicky road things were looking a bit shaky and Dagenham were under the kosh. all daggers in attendance collectively shat a brick when Darren Currie made a terrible aimless back pass from just shy of the halfway line, which rolled right into the path of Sam Williams was now one on one with Robbo, luckily he fluffed the shot wide! With it looking like We’d used all of our luck in that one bit of bad play, it was up to Tony Roberts to keep us in the game. While all around him was chaos Robbo was a tower of Zen like calm gracefully flying to palm away each attempt at goal...  
                                                                                                                           ...NA! That’s bollocks, he was actually flinging himself like a man possessed using any body part he could get in the way to stop the ball going in, then standing up and yelling at anyone in sight to stop letting Yeovil shoot. It was beautiful, in a shit yer pants kinda way! Oli Johnson Had come close when he danced past Abu and Doe into the box and looked certain to score but somehow Robbo got a leg in the way and kept it out. Luck played a part again when Andrew Williams nodded the ball down to Andrew Tutte who slammed the ball against the bar. Our first real chance came from (with Danny Green still on a ban of course) a Darren Currie Free kick which Scott Doe nearly managed to head in, but just knocked it wide. He let out an audible "ARGGGGGGHHHHH" whilst he jogged back to his half, don’t worry Doey, you'll get that goal soon enough!

Nervous in the Sieve

Back down at the dangerous end of the pitch Tony Roberts made 2 brilliant saves in a row. First; a Yeovil shot whizzed across the box towards the bottom corner but Robbo dived to his right to keep it out, Currie chased it to the corner but could only clear it as far as Tutte who sent in a curved shot from the edge of the box, Robbo flew to his left and palmed it out to safety.

With the time coming up to half hour Dagenham were awarded a corner, Currie Stepped up and hoofed it into the box and waiting on the other end was the one, the only Romain Vincelot who ran forward, jumped up and with a "stitch this!" buried the ball into the net with his head. 1-0 to the Daggers, very much against the run of play! The lead didn’t last though and 3 minutes later I got to see the crowd in the Marcus James Stand cheer and applaud a goal. Johnson received the ball on the edge of the box from a low long through ball, took a touch then caressed it into the net. 1-1, bugger! And that's how the score stayed till half time.

Meanwhile in Becontree, Jerk' tries to ring me to find out how we squandered a lead so fast...


The second half was marginally better, Yeovil seemed to slow down while we seemed to be trying to pick up the pace, even so the Glovers nearly scored when Oli Johnson headed a corner kick over the bar! The real change seemed to happen when Marvin Morgan was subbed off for Bas Savage. Within 2 minutes of the lanky fella being on the pitch he was holding the ball up in front of the Carling stand, he looked up and passed the ball into the box to the feet of John Nurse. Nursey controlled the ball in the corner of the six yard box, turned on a gnat’s bollock and fired from that tight angle. The ball zipped past Stephen Henderson and nestled into the back far corner of the net! The Daggers fans exploded into cheers! Somehow in this absolute bastard of a game we were leading for the second time! Nurse must have felt the same as he ran to the Sieve to celebrate with the crowd and received a yellow card for his troubles (pathetic!) but still 2-1 to the Daggers!

Meanwhile in Becontree, Having heard we had scored again, Jerk' decided he had to somehow get to the game to see the end...

I can’t really remember anything about the next half-hour, apart from the fact it crawled slower than a legless tortoise! I spent the whole time bobbing from foot to foot and from heel to toe, then anxiously glancing at the scoreboard willing the clock to move faster. When the Whistle finally blew the Sieve let out a collective sigh, then a cheer, then clapped a thankful clap. We had all just made it through a tough storm and come out on top.

a happier Sieve

We had done the thing we had been struggling to do, win the ugly ones! After Clapping the team I decided a pint was in order, so me and a couple of others made for the clubhouse. I couldn’t stay long though as I was due round at my sisters for a visit. So after a nail biting couple of hours at Victoria Road I had a nice chilled out night with my sister and my nephew, relived to know 3 more points were safe!

Oh yeah, Meanwhile in Becontree...


Come on you Daggers!



Next - Jerk regales us with his tails of Walsall

Friday, 11 March 2011

A Game of 2 Halves, In a Ground with 3 Sides

I just couldn't sleep, I don't know why. I often have trouble sleeping but when you are planning on travelling to the other end of the country some sleep is preferable. The hours just melted away through the night until the sun started to poke mockingly through the curtains. Well that was that no sleep tonight. No matter, tea is my savoir!
I jumped into the shower and got myself ready for the long journey ahead. My stomach wasn’t up to food really but I managed to get 2 slices of bun loaf down me followed by more tea. Jerk Pulled up outside, the journey was on! Oldham here we come!!

Saturday 5th Match – Oldham Athletic - Away

I jumped in the back of the car said hello to Jerk' and Don, I took our scarves and trapped them in the back windows so our colours could fly behind us as we burned up the country. It was a grey cloudy day and you knew going north the weather wasn’t going to improve. The music for this journey would include Japanese black metal band "Si", an interesting band to say the least! We made our first service stop for some grub, where I indulged in a KFC big daddy burger, named after the classic wrestler of the same name (maybe). Also KFC gravy is the best side order ever! Fact! DO NOT DOUBT ME!!!


Back on the road the next stop en route to Oldham was the scenic winding road of the Snakes Pass and a couple of hours later we were there and even on a wet misty like this it was very nice and a reminder  that not all England is grey concrete. By now the rain had started to piss down and rumours that the game might get called off and as we got deeper down the pass phone reception became nonexistent. We stopped off at a river to take in the view for a while before continuing up the pass. Half Way up was a little pub called The Snakes Pass Inn which we pulled into for a quick pint (not for the driver obviously). It was a lovely little pub and the locals didn’t seem too put off by the rag tag mob now occupying the window table with the nice view. back in the car it was time to navigate past Manchester and onto Oldham and the satnav was telling us that despite our diversions we would make Boundary Park in good time and with phone signal restored it seemed that our game would be one of the only in the area that would still be on.

me - taking in the country air
the view from the pub car park

We pulled into the car park and found a space. From the outside Boundary Park looked every one of the 100 or so years old it was, it was safe to say it had seen better days with its missing north stand. I would have quite liked to have seen it in better days. We walked up a grassy hill and round the back of the Rochdale Road stand to the away entrance.


The typical hole in the wall was serving the  normal array of pies and burgers as well as some bottles of beer I helped myself to a couple of lagers and we stood around contemplating the match ahead. Despite the brilliant result against Brentford earlier in the week no one in our group could be described as "confident of points" and with this being the second match in Danny Greens suspension we knew this would be tough. Thirst Quenched we made for our seats, we had been given the last block on the left hand side of the Rochdale Road stand. To our right was an empty block of seats then a small wall and trench on the other side of this was a section of home fans and this section seemed to be filling with kids! As far as the eye could see all there was were pre-pubescent loud mouths. And with zero sarcasm I knew; this was gonna be fun!!

it's grim up north

The wet conditions didn’t make for the most beautiful game of football and from the off it was clear this was going to be a three way battle between both teams and the elements. A lot of the game was spent bogged (almost literally) in midfield. The hosts had the first real chance on goal when Filipe Morais couldn't quite nod Aiden White's cross home instead it bounced just wide and a little later from the other wing Oumare Tounkara's cross was headed just over by Chris Taylor. At the other end of the field the Daggers continued to battle and only some great goalkeeping from Ben Amos stopped John Nurse from scoring a volley from a Billy Bingham corner. As the half time whistle went it felt like a game we could just nick but at the same time a goal at the wrong end could send us back south with nowt! As expected being so close to the home crowd had meant banter had been full on throughout and after being asked "who the fucking hell" we were and us telling them about all the  different leagues they'd managed to fuck up it was safe to say things were quite boisterous. The low average age in the block next to us had brought out the poet in many of us as classics such as "sit down, or go to bed with no tea!" were flung with glee across the stand.

don't they have homework to do?

After another lager and a chilli chicken pie (not the best, to be fair) I was back at my seat and ready for the second half. Early on Johnny Nurse nearly gave us something to cheer about when he ran on to the ball in the box only to slam it into the side netting. Then it happened, Chris Taylor got the ball down the left wing as the Dagger's defence backed away, he put the ball into the path of Dale Stephens who struck the ball. As soon as it left his feet you knew there was no way Robbo was going to save it, this thought was punctuated by a rippling net and a thousand pre-pubescent kids screaming in delight and then gloating at us. Weather we stood there stoically like defiant monoliths against the northern tirade or fell to our knees with our heads in our hands and sobbed, I can’t quite remember!  One thing I do remember was a rousing rendition of "only scored one goal, only scored one goooooal, how shit must you be, you've only scored one goal!". Then I think we reminded them of all the leagues they had been relegated from, gracious in defeat as always! 


It was looking like a long journey home and would have been worse if not for a fine save to keep out shots from both Taylor and Morais. The ball went out for a throw halfway inside the Oldham half; Nurse took the long throw quickly into the box, the ball bounced in front of Romain Vincelot who deftly nodded it past Amos and into the net for an equaliser, 1-1!! Our little crowd exploded as the home crowd descended into silence. We were on for a point now; we just had to hold on. Despite it feeling very tense neither side came awfully close to a goal, but Peter Gain managed to get himself sent off after going in high on one of the Oldham players. Then something really weird happened, the ball went out for a throw on our far left, inside the Oldham half. When I suddenly realise there were now two balls on the pitch, one of which was being taken by an Oldham layer towards our goal. Realising the confusion the Daggers defence got back and managed to put it out for a corner which was played in, knocked into the air, caught by Robbo then spilt, before Roberts pounced on it to make it safe. Needless to say anyone in the away section would have been very upset to concede a goal there as it didn’t seem to be just us caught out by the extra ball!

the gap where the Broadway Stand used to be

Finally the whistle blew and The Daggers had secured another point against another former Premiership team. It was a point that more than justified the long journey. We gave the lads a round of applause as all the kids that had been taunting us filed out in begrudging silence. We said farewell to the Daggers who would be getting the coach home and made our way back to the car. It took a while for all of the cars to squeeze out of the car park but we got out eventually and started on the long journey home. As the long dark roads rolled beneath us my earlier lack of sleep started to catch up with me and the thermoses of coffee became my savoir, even so every so often I would nod off only to be woken by my own snoring.


 Further south it was decided we should stop for some dinner and my gurgling stomach most definitely agreed, after a brief discussion we decided it was time to sample the delights of the OK Diner. So the next half hour was spent peering into the darkness trying to find one on the southbound side of the motorway, A cheer went up in the car as we spotted the neon lights in the distance. We pulled into the car park and entered the palace of hot food; it was a nice chain diner with all the American regalia you could hope for strewn across the walls. I ordered an obscenely huge hotdog with chilli, cheese and onions on, with curly fries and a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake. All were superb and I couldn’t clean the plate for fear of exploding! Fully fed we hit the road for the rest of an uneventful journey and when I finally stepped through my door my bed was all I wanted and it didn’t take long for me to completely zonk out.


Another awesome day out, following the daggers!!


Next -
I watched us play Yeovil and Jerk ran a relay race from bed to bathroom!