Thursday, 5 August 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself...

So I have decided to piss in the ocean of internet bloggers...
...and get my rambling nonsense out there.

First to the reason for me starting this blog; this season is going to be my first season as a Dagenham & Redbridge FC season ticket holder I have guaranteed place on the terrace at every Daggers game. This means that I now have money to spend on going to more away games. Sooooo this means I am now going to be at more Dagenham games this season than any other season previous and I will have opinions on them and I wanted to write these down in a journal for prosperity, So if I’m gonna write this down I might as well put it up for others to read. "Will I still be doing this at the end of the season?" Who knows? But sod it!

Now if I could introduce myself, my name is Ben, known on forums as "FullMetalDagger" ("FxMxD" for short) or "immoraldagger" (on the Daggers forum). Since I rediscovered the beautiful game through a friend of mine I have been a terrace regular at Dagenham and Redbridge FC. Despite drifting away from football during my teens my first Daggers game was the FA Trophy final in 1997 when I was 13, where we lost to Woking. Even though we lost I was amazed by this little club that I never knew existed.

Other than the mighty Daggers my other passion in life is music, especially heavy metal and hardcore punk (hence "fullmetaldagger"). I am in a gigging metal band and we're currently writing our first full length CD.

Gonna say 'Bye for now.


UP NEXT... "09/10 seasons end - The Playoffs, Wembley and Monty's last gasp winners"

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  1. aha , so immoraldagger , we meet again.
    in another place at another time